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William Adams

Composer, Producer, Composer/Lyricist

United States of America

Credits 789

Connections 1.4K

Streams 31B


789 Credits

Issac Ryan Brown

Now That's What I Call Polka!: Too Aft Polka/Wrecking Ball/Pumped Up Kicks/Best Song Ever/Gangnam Style/Call Me Maybe/Scream & Shout/Somebody That I Used to Know/Timber/Sexy and I Know It/Thrift Shop/Get Lucky/Mandatory Polika

Weird Al Yankovic

Squeeze Box: Complete Works of Weird Al YankovicComposer2017502K
Let’s Get It StartedKidz Bop Non Stop Pop20175.8K
Boom Boom PowKidz Bop Non Stop Pop20178.6M
I Gotta FeelingKidz Bop Non Stop Pop20171.6M
Scream & ShoutKidz Bop Non Stop Pop2017945K
Reach For The Stars

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist20131.2M
Ghetto Ghetto, Baby Kaely

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013622K
Far Away From Home, Nicole Scherzinger

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013576K
Love Bullets, Skylar Grey

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013829K
Fall Down, Miley Cyrus

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013373K
The World Is Crazy, Dante Santiago

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013585K
Great Times Are Coming

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist20131.1M
#thatPOWER, Justin Bieber, feat. Justin Bieber

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer2013289M
Freshy, Juicy J

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013758K

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist201353K
Gettin' Dumb,, 2NE1

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist20132.2K
Scream & Shout, Britney Spears

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist2013775M
This Is Love, feat. Eva Simons, Eva Simons

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer2013300M
Hello, Afrojack

#willpower (Deluxe)Composer Lyricist20131.4M
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30-03-2017 5.8K Streams
30-03-2017 8.6M Streams
30-03-2017 1.6M Streams
30-03-2017 945K Streams

Reach For The Stars Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 1.2M Streams, Baby Kaely

Ghetto Ghetto Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 622K Streams
01-01-2013 576K Streams, Skylar Grey

Love Bullets Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 829K Streams, Miley Cyrus

Fall Down Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 373K Streams
01-01-2013 585K Streams
01-01-2013 1.1M Streams, Juicy J

Freshy Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 758K Streams

Geekin’ Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 53K Streams,, 2NE1

Gettin' Dumb Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 2.2K Streams
01-01-2013 775M Streams
01-01-2013 300M Streams, Afrojack

Hello Composer Lyricist
01-01-2013 1.4M Streams